Cybersecurity Training

Microtech place IT & OT Cybersecurity at the heart of your organisation. Our value proposition of cybersecurity training lies in its comprehensive curriculum designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle modern cyber threats effectively.

Microtech Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Key learning objectives

Introduction to cybersecurity, its significance, and the potential consequences of cyber threats in the Middle East.

Overview of various cyber threats prevalent in the Middle East, such as malware, phishing, ransomware, and social engineering.

Guidelines for secure internet usage, email practices, MFA and password management relevant to the Middle East.

Procedures for reporting suspected cybersecurity incidents in the Middle East.

Essential details
1 Day (Virtual or On-site training)
(minimum 6 people)

Microtech Cybersecurity Essential Training

Key learning objectives

Detailed overview of essential cybersecurity regulations and standards applicable in the Middle East.

Understanding the importance of data protection and methods to ensure it in the Middle East.

Introduction to risk management in cybersecurity, including risk assessment and mitigation strategies relevant to the Middle East.

Overview of essential security technologies like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption, and antivirus software used in the Middle East.

Essential details
Includes Cyber Awareness + 2 Days (Virtual or On-site)
(minimum 5 people)

Microtech Cybersecurity Customisation

Key learning objectives

Interactive scenario-based activities designed to simulate potential cyber threats, helping executives in the Middle East understand their roles and responsibilities during a cyber incident.

Detailed sessions on how to ensure compliance with relevant regulations in the Middle East, including practical exercises and case studies.

Techniques to identify gaps in current cybersecurity practices and strategies to address them in the Middle East.

Tailored training modules based on customers’ needs in the Middle East, including industry-specific threats and regulations.

Essential details
Includes Cyber Essentials, Cyber Awareness and bespoke customised training based on customer specific needs (Virtual or On-site)
Customised Pricing

“The cybersecurity course provided by Microtech was incredibly informative and exceeded my expectations. The comprehensive content and expert instruction have equipped me with valuable knowledge and skills to enhance our organisation’s security posture. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about safeguarding their digital assets.”

Training Participant, UAE

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