Software Solutions

Every business needs software, including Microsoft 365, anti virus and backup solutions. At Microtech we specialise in providing custom solutions to allow you to do what you do best, focus on growing your business whilst we take care of your IT.

Microsoft Licenses

Microtech provide expert advice and insight and can help you with understanding the best that Microsoft 365 has to offer. Whether that is Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, Business Standard, Business Premium or Microsoft specialist licences.

Mirotech support businesses of all sizes in choosing and implementing the perfect solution for your needs.

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Microsoft Applications

Business Standard, plus advanced cyberthreat protection and device management with Intune and Azure Information Protection.

Azure Information Protection
Access (PC only)
Publisher (PC only)
Microsoft BI

Select the right Microsoft License for your organisation

Cloud Solutions

Whether you are looking for a public, private or hybrid cloud solution, Microtech are here for you.


Public is delivered via the internet and shared across organisations. Such as YouTube, anyone can create an account with them and use their service. Public cloud deployments are frequently used to provide webbased email, online office applications, storage and testing and development environments.


Private cloud is a solution dedicated solely to your organisation. Think of it as an internal email server, not everyone can use it directly and it can be accessed only within your organisation. Private cloud services offer greater security, customisation, and control than public clouds.


Hybrid cloud combines private cloud infrastructure with one or more public cloud services. It enables companies with mixed data and application types to migrate parts of their IT infrastructure to the cloud and retain some applications on premises.

Ongoing cloud infrastructure support


Support of moving your digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications either partially, or wholly, into the cloud.

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Virtual Machines

A digital version of a physical computer/server. Virtual machine software can run programs and operating systems, store data, connect to networks and other computing functions. VM’s allow you to securly access your data from multiple devices from across the globe.

Cloud Solutions Benefits

A cloud has the resources and services that a business can use on demand, and your business doesn’t have to build, own or maintain the infrastructure. 

There are various levels of improve data security with Cloud solutions but the main ones are; Servers are usually located in warehouses that most workers don’t have access to. The files stored on cloud servers are encrypted. This means that they are scrambled, which makes it far harder for cybercriminals to access.

We ensure you always have the latest software solutions and most up to updates, allowing you to focus on your work. Examples include server maintenance, security updates to routine management, which frees up your company’s time for more important tasks.

Improve disaster recovery: Through a secure cloud, you can easily back up important data and recover it in the event of a disaster at your office locations. Remote workers can also do the same, as there’s no need to physically connect to a network.

Cloud solutions allows your workforce to collaborate wherever they are located, from accessing shared files, updating spreadsheets for others to review or working in real time.

Using the cloud, you can increase or decrease your IT requirements with a click of button. This includes increasing storage on your PC/Laptop to creating new Virtual Machines for new users to access on any device

Whether you use a Windows/Apple laptop, desktop, iphone or android device you can rest assured you can access all of your information.

Cloud platforms provide databases and analytics tools as ready to consume services, with the familiar cloud characteristics of on-demand availability, scalability, resilience, consumption-based pricing as well as robust security, governance, and access controls. The cloud levels the playing field for analytics organisations with limited resources, who can now have access to the same tools as large enterprises. 

The most obvious benefit is the cost savings. You save money by only paying for the data that you use. It is also scalable, so if you need more computing power or less, no problem, we can simple change what you need to ensure you are always getting value for money.

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Cybersecurity & Antivirus Software

Protect your business with Microtech’s cybersecurity and antivirus software. Keep your data safe with our Cybersecurity solution that provides targeted action on your behalf to detect, prevent and remove malware (malicious software). Contact Microtech to learn more.

Backup Solutions

Microtech offers a range of backup solutions, including cloud-based and on-site options, to fit your specific needs whether it’s cloud-based backups, on-site storage, or a hybrid approach. In today’s digital age, data loss can be devastating to a business. Don’t take any chances with your important files and documents. Choose Microtech’s backup solutions and rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure.